Rosalie Vaquez

Rosalie Vaquez

Travel Professional

**Rosalie is currently not in the office. Please contact Megan or Lina**

Becoming a travel advisor has been very rewarding career, it gives me the privilege to know the world and its great places and people. Assisting my clients in planning their dream vacations brings me excitement, as if I will be travelling with them!

I speak Filipino and have travelled mostly in Asia, like Japan, Thailand and Philippines.

Now that my kids are a little older and can appreciate things around them, travelling every year will be a family goal. There are so many wonderful places and culture to see and experience and sharing the world with them will be so rewarding.

I believe that the memories we build and the experiences we will have during our travels are what will be treasured for life.

I can't wait to help more people create these keepsakes.

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