Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is often overlooked or dismissed by many travelers. There are many things that can happen before or during your trip. It's best to be covered. After all, travel is an investment and lets be honest, it's not cheap. Wouldn't you feel more secure knowing your investment is protected?

Cruise Vacations offers every client the opportunity to purchase travel insurance. Here you'll find information on eligibility and have to opportunity to purchase your insurance or if you choose to opt out, you can do that here to. Of course we encourage everyone to opt in. Need help? Contact our office and we'll be happy to assist you purchase your travel insurance.

Opt in and be protected.

Prior to purchasing insurance you must read and acknowledge your eligibility to purchase Manulife Insurance:

Take One- Your Travel Consultant Recommends Travel Insurance

Take One-PPP

Purchase travel insurance from Manulife Financial to cover you for emergency out of country medical and/or trip cancellation, baggage loss or delay.

To purchase this insurance, please choose the Manulife Financial icon